Better AMS

A website to simplify finding your course schedule and information

December 1st, 2023

TLDR; Tired of using AMS, I made a website to find your course information - lecture/DS timings and your course syllabus. Even for the next semester!


Using AMS can be quite a hassle. It's clunky and not user-friendly, and finding specific course information like lecture times, discussion sections, and syllabus details is too time-consuming. This led me to think, "Why not create a solution myself?" That's when the idea struck - a tool I can use to find this information. Soon, what was a tool for me became a website everyone can use.

How it was made

To build this project, I chose Svelte for its simplicity and reactivity - perfect for building a fast and responsive user interface. Being sane, I integrated TypeScript to ensure code reliability and maintainability.

But, the real challenge was gathering the course data. With Puppeteer, I could programmatically navigate AMS, extract the necessary course details, and update the site's database. This Svelte, TypeScript, and Puppeteer blend was the perfect recipe for a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly platform.

How can I use it?

Head over to and search for your course name or professor!

Written by Dhruman Gupta

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